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**These are some of the cavies we have raised that have found new loving homes**


*We have Cavies living in Washington, California, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, North Dakota, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and kansas*


This is Peanut and Butter two Pet Quality White Crested Boar's that now belong to Elise Smith.


This is G-Force a tan pet quality White Crested who now lives with Hank, Amber, and Jamie Peek.


This is Rebason's Stormy a Solid Dilute American Boar. He now belongs to Mary Mulder. They are pictured together after winning Best in show at the Isabella County 4-H show 2012.


Left: Rebason's Starburst a Black White Crested Boar Right: Rebason's Stormy a Solid Dilute American Boar. Both now Belong to Mary Mulder and they are pictured at the Kent County 4-H show 2012. Stormy won Best in show, and Starburst won Reserve in show.

This is Rebason's a Golden Agouti White Crested sow, who now belongs to Katie Erway.


**If you have Pictures of cavies that you have bought from us we would love to see them and hear how they are doing. If you would rather not have your picture on our site please specify and we will not post it, we will put a comment on if you would like saying Anonymous**

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